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PediSafe for iPhone

What PediSafe Will Do For You

Critical Pathways

Crisis checklists in anesthesia, providing an evidence-based guide to manage unexpected events, enhancing patient safety, and facilitating efficient decision-making during critical situations.

Weight Based Equipment, Tools & Medications

Having weight-based equipment and medications for pediatric anesthesia is crucial to ensure accurate dosage and equipment fit. Miinimize the risk of complications and optimize the safety and efficacy of anesthetic procedures in this vulnerable population with our weight based categories

PediSafe Crisis Checklist

Case Pearls

Knowing the anesthetic considerations for a surgical procedure is indispensable. Case Pearls allow the anesthesia professional to plan and execute a safe and effective anesthetic strategy, considering the patient's unique physiology and the specific demands of the procedure, thereby minimizing risks and enhancing recovery.


iOS widgets provide quick, at-a-glance access to crucial information, like drug dosages based on weight, without the need to fully launch the app, enhancing efficiency and facilitating rapid decision-making in the high-stakes environment of pediatric anesthetic care.

All the Medications You Want at the Doses You use


Select your desired medication, input the dosage, and specify the weight range for which this dosage applies. This fully customizable feature empowers you to tailor your doses based on specific weight ranges for optimal precision.


Add specific notes to your medications; these handy reminders can assist in maintaining the safety of your pediatric patients.

Pedisafe on the iphone

How It Works

PediSafe is an application conceived by anesthesiologists for all anesthesia providers. Its intuitive design facilitates quick start-up and delivers the information you need with minimal clicks, precisely when you need it.

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Founded in 2010, PediSafe emerged as one of the leaders  during the dawn of the mobile app era. More than a decade later, it continues to hold its position as the premier pediatric anesthesia application available today.


It even works for your 120kg pediatric Patients! 

Naomi Matz
Aplicación muy útil para el pronto tratamiento.
Elias Roman

I’ve had PediSafe from the beginning.  The latest update took some getting used to but the team is very repsonive to suggestions and feedback.  

Taylor Howard