PediSafe Updates

Drug safety is paramount in pediatric patients, owing to an alarming number of adverse events caused by medications.  It is crucial that healthcare providers take particular care to ensure that the appropriate drug and dose are prescribed to children, especially neonates, because of the differences in their response to drugs compared with adults.  We write about ideas and practices we have found that help keep pediatric patients safe. 

5 Most Common Anesthesia Induction Agents

Intravenous anesthesia induction agents are a group of fast-acting compounds that are used to induce a state of impaired awareness or complete sedation. The three most commonly used intravenous anesthetics include propofol, etomidate, and...

PediSafe Updates

Please check this page for the latest updates to your PediSafe application. We are committed to giving you the most up to date pediatric medication application for the OR, ED or ICU. Please contact us with questions or comments.

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